Anonymous asked: What is your natural hair color? And what colors have you dyed it before? Oh, and if you currently dye it, what brands do you recommend? Sorry for all the hair questions. I have quite the envy for your locks (clearly)

My natural colour is a dark brown. I’ve been dying it a natural black since summer of ‘07(?)
I’ve never dyed it any other colour, as it’s super dark anyways. I’m petrified bleach will kill my hair. 🙀
Every thing else is fake. I have a huge collection of wigs, hair pieces, and extensions that I wear quite often :3 
I’m too scared to mess with my real hair. It’s really soft and fine. (And grows extremely slow)


Being a 20+ yr old on tumblr


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Anonymous asked: I love what you're doing and I love what you're trying to inspire and stand for. Please continue to be an ally for so many girls out there. We need so much more than what the world is giving us. I hope you stay strong and may you lead a legion of confidents. Everyone has an impact on each other.

Being body positive is something we all struggle with. It’s always best to push for it, no matter how bad your mental body image currently is