Anonymous asked: Why aren't you fully vegan? Why not switch from vegetarianism and stop hurting the animals?

Vegan was /not/ a healthy choice for me.
I stay away from cheese,milk, etc, but I do allow for eggs in my diet.
The eggs are from a good friend with happy, roaming chickens and no rooster.
The chickens are fed properly and the eggs are not ever fertilized.
(I also eat honey. My grandmother is friends with a beekeeper and we get fresh, local honey)

It has nothing to do with wanting to “hurt animals”
It wasn’t a healthy diet for me.
My doctor said if I were to stay a meatless diet, I needed to put eggs back into it.
This does not mean I hate animals or want to harm them.

Anonymous asked: That wide brim hat you wear in some pictures..what type of hat is it.. and brand? >_o

I just call it a floppy hat haha.
Neither has a brand name on them :0
They are wool hats I got from, but I don’t know if they have any more!
Sisters of the black moon carries some amazing hats

Anonymous asked: Lol at a black guy following a goth

What does skin colour have to do with liking a style?