Anonymous asked: you can add Borat to the list !

OMG hell no 😂😂

Anonymous asked: there are many characters to cosplay , if you ever watched Katy perry`s Birthday song clip, she was in different characters. but you can try with something easy such as cowboy , since you already have hat ..

Hell no to the cowboy haha. If I’m going to make a serious costume, I want it to be a known character

Anonymous asked: you`ve just told the anon,you have cinema-grade fake beards, that would be interesting to see some photo sets of you with these accessories on , apart from any specific character. could you show some soon?

I have to find them! I haven’t worn one of my fake beards since high school.
I wore one on the day after the month of “no shave November” as a joke 😝

Anonymous asked: I'm on mobile and can't see. What's your Instagram! Please :)

It’s @aycarter! (:

Anonymous asked: but maybe if you may have watched some tutorial youtube vids ,about jack sparrow , it must be done with hair-like make-up on the face,it can be easier if you do it with stickable fake mustaches?

Stickable moustaches? Haha. Like the cheap/silly ones?
I have actual, cinema-grade fake beards. I just have to find them. They are in a box somewhere in my closet :0

Anonymous asked: Can you make captain Jack Sparrow make-up?

Haha I certainly can try! I’ll write him
down. I have a nice, fake goatee that would work perfectly

Anonymous asked: any new cosplay sessions soon ? with some different characters?

I haven’t done anything in forever :@
I have a huge list, but haven’t filmed 😳😳😳😳😳😳 who should I cosplay?